Private lessons

To arrange a ski day according to personal ideas is possible at any time with a private ski instructor. Are they the first attempts on the snow, to improve the style and technique, to sniff racing air or to wedel down deep snow slopes. Private lessons are the most intensive and efficient way to make great progress with pleasure and fun.
We offer enjoyable lessons - where safety is the priority for all of us - with this basic principle we create a unique time according to the tastes and wishes of our clients.

NEW this winter: Early Bird! Take the first turns on the slopes from 09:00 - 10:00 daily. 

Please be aware that we also offer private lessons for ski, snowboard and cross-country skiing.
We are happy to receive your reservation regarding private lessons vie Mail at


Prices 2022/23 for 1-3 persons

1 Hour €79,00
2 Hours €149,00
3 Hours €220,00
4 Hours €290,00

Private lessons can be requested and booked by email to